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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LMFAO Meaning

What is LMFAO?

LMFAO is "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

LMFAO Definition / LMFAO Means
The definition of LMFAO is "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

The Meaning of LMFAO
LMFAO means "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off"

So now you know - LMFAO means "Laughing My F***ing Ass Off" - don't thank us.
What does LMFAO mean? LMFAO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the LMFAO definition is given.

Other terms relating to 'lmfao':
· ROTFLMFAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off

Other terms relating to 'laughing':
· :L Laughing
· ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud
· BAGL Bust A Gut Laughing
· CREASING Laughing
· CSL Can't stop laughing
· DOFL Dying On Floor Laughing
· FOCL Falling Off Chair Laughing
· FOFL Falling On Floor Laughing
· FOMCL Falling Off My Chair Laughing
· HAFL Heart Attack From Laughing
· IAL I Ain't Laughing
I Actually Laughed
· ICSL I Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing
· KML Killing Myself Laughing
· KMSL Killing Myself Laughing
· L2MS Laughing To Myself
· LAL Laughing A Lot/Little
· LALB Laughing A Little Bit
· LATM Laughing At The Moment
· LAU Laughing At You
· LBMO Laughing My Butt Off
· LBS Laughing But Serious
Pounds (weight)
· LBVS Laughing But Very Serious
· LHAO Laughing His/Her Ass Off
· LHH Laughing Hella Hard
· LI Laughing Inside
· LIMB Laughing In My Brain
· LIMH Laughing In My Head
· LIMM Laughing In My Mind
· LIRL Laughing In Real Life
· LIS Laughing In Silence
· LLAB Laughing Like A Bitch
· LLAMF Laughing Like A Mother F***er
· LLF Laughing Like F***
· LLH Laughing Like Hell
· LLS Laughing Like S**t
· LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
· LMBAO Laughing My Black Ass Off
· LMBO Laughing My Butt Off
· LMCO Laughing My Cats Off
· LMFO Laughing My Face Off
· LMHO Laughing My Head Off
· LMPO Laughing My Pants Off
· LMSO Laughing My Socks Off
· LMTO Laughing My Tits Off
· LOFL Laughing Out F***ing Loud
· LOI Laughing On the Inside
· LOL Laughing Out Loud
· LOLING The act of laughing out loud
· LOLOL Lots Of Laughing Out Loud
· LOMA Laughing Out My Ass
· LOOL Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud
· LOTI Laughing On The Inside
· LOVL Laughing Out Very Loud
· LQI Laughing Quietly Inside
· LQL Laughing Quite Loudly
· LQTM Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTMS Laughing Quietly To Myself
· LQTY Laughing Quietly To Yourself
· LRL Laughing Really Loud
· LSFH Laughing So F***ing Hard
· LSH Laughing So Hard
· LSHIC Laughing So Hard I'm Crying
· LSHIDMT Laughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
· LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
· LSMIH Laughing So Much It Hurts
· LSTM Laughing Silently To Myself
· LTM Laughing To Myself
· LTMQ Laughing To Myself Quietly
· LTMS Laughing To Myself
· LWP Laughing With Passion
· LYAO Laughing Your Ass Off
· NLM No Laughing Matter
· NOZ Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
· OTFL On The Floor Laughing
· PIMPL Pee In My Pants Laughing
· PIMPLE Pissing In My Pants Laughing Ecstatically
Small spot
· PML Pissing Myself Laughing
· PMPL Peeing My Pants Laughing
· PMSL Pissing myself laughing
· PSML Pissing Myself Laughing
· QL Cool
Quietly Laughing
· RAWL Roll Around While Laughing
· ROFFL Rolling On F***ing Floor Laughing
· ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
· ROFLMAO Rolling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
· ROFLMBO Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Butt Off
· ROFLOL Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud
· ROLF Rolling On Laughing Floor
· ROTF Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
· ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
· ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
· ROTFLMFAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off
· ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
· ROTGL Rolling On The Ground Laughing
· SLOL Seriously Laughing Out Loud
· TLOL Truly Laughing Out Loud
· TOL Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Of Laughing

Other terms relating to 'f***ing':
· 2FF Too F***ing Funny
· AFD All F***ing Day
· AFDN Any F***ing Day Now
· AFGO Another F***ing Growth Opportunity
· AFT About F***ing Time
· ASAFP As Soon As F***ing Possible
· AYFKM Are You F***ing Kidding Me?
· AYFS Are You F***ing Serious
· BFC Big F***ing Can (of 32 oz.Monster energy drink)
· BFD Big F***ing Deal
· BFFF Best F***ing Friends Forever
· BFFFL Best Friend Forever For Life
Best F***ing Friends For Life
· BFG Big Friendly Giant
Big F***ing Gun
· BFS Bull F***ing S**t
· BFU Butt F***ing Ugly
· BTFW By The F***ing Way
· CBFA Can't Be F***ing Arsed
· CBFB Can't Be F***ing Bothered
· CFU Completely F***ing Useless
· CFW Can't F***ing Wait
· CRAFT Can't Remember A F***ing Thing
· DFC Don't F***ing Care
· DFH Dirty F***ing Hippy
· DFKDFC Don't F***ing Know, Don't F***ing Care
· DFKM Don't F***ing Kill Me
· DFL Dead F***ing Last
· DHAFC Don't Have A F***ing Clue
· DNFD Do Not F***ing Disturb
· EFFIN F***ing
· F'N F***ing
· F***ING A F***ing Affirmative
· FBS F***ing Bulls**t
· FFT Fan F***ing Tastic
· FGI F***ing Google It
· FIDIOT F***ing Idiot
· FITCH F***ing bitch
· FKN F***ing
· FLIPPING Mild version of F***ing
· FLML F***ing Love My Life
· FLOVE F***ing Love
· FMFL F*** My F***ing Life
· FMMFL F*** My Mother F***ing Life
· FN F***ing
· FNG F***ing New Guy
· FPMSL F***ing Pissed Myself Lauging
· FRIGGIN Replacement word for F***ing
· FSS F***ing Super Sweet
· FTFA From The F***ing Article
· FTFL For The F***ing Lose
· FTFW For The F***ing Win
· FTMFW For The Mother F***ing Win
· FUG F***ing Ugly
· FUGLY F***ing Ugly
· FUGS F***ing Ugly
· FWY F***ing With You
· FYFI For Your F***ing Information
· FYYFF F*** You, You F***ing F***
· GAFL Get A F***ing Life
· GAFMO Get A F***ing Move On
· GFD God F***ing Damnit
· GFDI God F***ing Damn It
· GFG Good F***ing Game
· GFGI Go F***ing Google It
· GFL Good F***ing Luck
· GFS Good F***ing Story
· GMAFB Give Me A F***ing Break
· GTFG Go To F***ing Google
· GTFH Go To F***ing Hell
· HFS Holy F***ing S**t
· IDFC I Don't F***ing Care
· IDFGAS I Don't F***ing Give A S**t
· IDFK I Don't F***ing Know
· IFC In F***ing Control
· IFHML I F***ing Hate My Life
· IFHY I F***ing Hate You
· IFLU I F***ing Love You
· IFLY I F***ing Love You
· IHNFC I Have No F***ing Clue
· IHTFP I Hate This F***ing Place
· ILUSFM I Love You So F***ing Much
· ILYSFM I Love You So F***ing Much
· IMFA In My F***ing Ass
· IMFAO In My F***ing Arrogant Opinion
· IMFO In My F***ing Opinion
· IMYSFM I Miss You So F***ing Much
· JAFO Just Another F***ing Observer
· JFC Jesus F***ing Christ
· JFDI Just F***ing Do It
· JFGI Just F***ing Google It
· JFWY Just F***ing With You
· KMFA Kiss My F***ing Ass
· KMFT Kiss My F***ing Teeth
· LFD Long F***ing Day
· LOFL Laughing Out F***ing Loud
· LSFH Laughing So F***ing Hard
· LYSFM Love You So F***ing Much
· MFB Mother F***ing Bitch
· MFN Mother Freaking, Mother F***ing
· MMFCL Much Mother F***ing Clown Love
· MMFWCL Much Mother F***ing Wicked Clown Love
· MYFB Mind Your F***ing Business
· MYOFB Mind Your Own F***ing Business
· NAFC Not A F***ing Clue
· NAFTA Nother Afternoon F***ing That Ass
North American Free Trade Agreement
· NFC No F***ing Clue
No Fat Chicks
· NFD No F***ing Doubt
· NFG No F***ing Good
· NFP No F***ing Problem
· NITFM Not In The F***ing Mood
· NMFP Not My F***ing Problem
· NOYFB None Of Your F***ing Business
· NVFM Never F***ing Mind
· OFO Out F***ing Off
· OFP Own F***ing Program
· OFW Oh F***ing Well
· OMFW Oh My F***ing Word
· OMMFG Oh My Mother F***ing God
· PFG Pretty F***ing Good
· PFM Please Forgive Me
Pure F***ing Magic
· QFMFT Quoted for Mother F***ing Truth
· QTF Quoted For Truth
Quit F***ing Talking
· RFN Right F***ing Now
· RMFT Roll Mother F***ing Tide
· ROFFL Rolling On F***ing Floor Laughing
· ROTFLMFAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off
· RTFA Read the F***ing Article
· RTFF Read The F***ing FAQ
· RTFQ Read The F***ing Question
· RTFS Read The F***ing Source
· RUFKM Are You F***ing Kidding Me
· SFB So F***ing Bored
S**t For Brains
· SFF So F***ing Funny
· SFM So F***ing Much
· SMFD Suck My F***ing Dick
· SMFH Shaking My F***ing Head
· SMFH Shaking My F***ing Head
· SMMFH Shaking My Mother F***ing Head
· SOFA KING So F***ing
· STFG Search The F***ing Google
· STFW Search the F***ing Web
So The F*** What
· SYFM Shut Your F***ing Mouth
· TBFH To Be F***ing Honest
· TFB Too F***ing Bad
· TFBS That's F***ing Bull S**t
· TFF Too F***ing Funny
· TFFS That's For F***ing Sure
· TFG Thank F***ing God
· TFN Till Further Notice
Total F***ing Nightmare
· TIFS This Is F***ing Stupid
· TMFD Too Much F***ing Drama
· TMFI Too Much F***ing Information
· TWOFT Total Waste Of F***ing Time
· UFB Un F***ing Believable
· UFI You F***ing Idiot
· UNF Universal Noise of F***ing
· UTFG Use The F***ing Google
· WFC Who F***ing Cares?
· WFO Wide F***ing Open
· WOFTAM Waste Of F***ing Time And Money
· WTFF What The F***ing F***
· WTFH What The F***ing Hell?
· WTFS What The F***ing S**t
· WYFP What's Your F***ing Problem
· YAFA You Are F***ing Awesome
· YFF You F***ing F***
· YFI You F***ing Idiot
· YFP Your F***ing Problem
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