The First, I would you like thanks to Allah SWT, who has given chance and healty, so we can meet together in this class.
            And never forget to great propet Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from the darkness in to brightness time.
            Honourable to our lecture …
            And honourable to all my friends …

            The Qur’an is a Holy book of muslimis. It was revealed our Propet Muhammad (peace be upon thought angel, Gabril, to user mankin, particularly, muslims to the straight path.

            Human being, actually, can do something correctly with his sefl-ability, because he was endowed the five senses and the brain. However the attempt to guide human being to the true decision, but they will once upon a time fall wrong. For this reason, divine guidance, Qur’an, was always needed. Thefore every muslim man or woman has to recite it every day and night, least of all, once after the five prayers.
            For it was revealed in Ramadhan and particularly, in the special night knownas’ Lailatul Qadr’ so Ramadhan is widely called the month of Qur’an. The special night which called ‘Lailatul Qadr’ described in the Qur’an as being better than one thousand months. This beautiful description show us the importance and spesiality of Qur’an above all holly books.
            It is cited in the tradition of Prophet that recitation of the Holy Qur’an it self is as the best worshipsin which muslim who recites is should earn the greatest reward and be closer to Allah.
            Our Peopher Muhammad (peace be upon him) narrates in many other instances about great reward derived from recithing the Holy Qur’an. He indicates that reading short Surah like ‘Al-Ikhlash’ constitutes one third of the Holy Qur’an, which means that reading it theree times is tantamount to reading the whole Qur’an.
            The Prophet urges muslim to recite the holy Qur’an and to be with it at any time. He said, “The Holy Qur’an is God’s feast, so, take from God’s feast what you can.”
            The Holy Qur’an is not systematically cimpiled, and it is also presented briefly, so that, every muslim has to consider, to refleck, to think, to interpret and to realize its content into daily life as being individual or member of society.
My muslim brothers
            No worthy of words to be uttered to end this simple speech except a hope young generation to go back to spirit of Qur’an and make it our way of life and try and try all time to be with it in and on. That’s all my speech I say you…
            Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb


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